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Post by Synonym on Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:30 pm

NOTE: All credits go to the original poster, MadHatter Razz, I simply put my own two cents at some areas.

This is a quick and short guide to assist you to Lv. 300 and enable you to farm and acquire your endgame gear.

Insanity FlyFF has two different routes to take after Lv. 71;

High exp > Low drop
High drops > Low exp

Why is this important? It's simple; if it's your first character and you don't have your end gear laid out, take the second route. You'll farm and acquire more penya/red chips/drops as you continue leveling. So once you do reach the cap you have already started funding your character. If it's a side char take the first route to level faster towards Lv. 300. To go to these areas you can either teleport using Buff Pang or purchase blinkwings sold by Buff Pang.

[Guide] Leveling/Farming KGIFQbK

Once you reach Lv. 290 your progress will be slowed down significantly, you'll find it much harder to level. You can either keep grinding at the last floor of Dekane Mines (Lv. 250 ~ 300) or you can finish some quests which will give you various amounts of exp.

Last but not least you can purchase a Criminal Island Exp Zone ticket (2 hours). The monsters found on this island gives you more exp (but the amount of drops is average so don't purchase this ticket expecting to farm). You can purchase this ticket from the item mall 50 IP or 100 VP) or from other players.

Criminal Island Zone
[Guide] Leveling/Farming 5Fai7T7

The following map areas will always provide you with the best farming options, however you will gain little to no exp from these mobs.
To get to these maps visit any buff pang shop to buy the blinks.

[Guide] Leveling/Farming HvOHDUW

The boxes filled red indicate red chips farming locations and the blue ones indicate penya farming locations. This is one way to fund your char, there are other ways but they might require an advanced set to allow you to efficiently finish. You can start killing bosses whom drop various items accordingly (look at our boss guide).

You can always start farming for items that are always in demand; CES / CESS / CTS (Crystal Enchant Scroll, Crystal Enchant Success Scroll, Crystal Transformation Scroll) these sell for 150~250k / 15~25m / 15~25p respectively. These items drop in Crystal Cove. You have to be Lv. 290+ with adequate equipment, since these monsters have high health and hit quite high. CESS's only drop from Crystal Meteonyker (look at our boss guide).


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[Guide] Leveling/Farming Empty Re: [Guide] Leveling/Farming

Post by OracioN. on Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:39 pm

Thanks for Posting a copy
of it..this is really helpful Surprised

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