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About lvling 250-300 Empty About lvling 250-300

Post by monbear on Sun Nov 09, 2014 2:01 am

Anyone can make a quick guide how the fastest way to lvl 250-300 is ? Very Happy




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About lvling 250-300 Empty Re: About lvling 250-300

Post by Yankster on Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:15 am

Just follow this guide :
About lvling 250-300 KGIFQbK
with 150%, 300% and 3 amps on and preferably with the lord's 50% you will level fast enough. As i was getting a level for each aoe approximatively, following this guide. Kaillum is really good since there is alot of really good spawns with alot of mobs perfect for aoeing, and once you get in bahara you'll notice that mobs gives you really really good exp, I went from 279 to 282 with one aoe. But once you get level 290, you'll gain aloot less exp. Then you can do the quests (stating quest "the starting of along journey"), theses quests are pretty much easy and will allow you to get exp until you get 300 and also some redchips.
And ofc the fastest way stay to buy a criminal island ticket, but if you can't afford it, just do what I said up there. Hope this helps, GL.


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